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    How long does it take for delivery?
    For all the furniture products apart from Sectionals and Beds, we deliver the same within 45 days from the Order Confirmation Date (Order Payment Date). For the Beds, Sectional Sofas and the Customized Sofas, we deliver the Orders within 60 Days from the Order Confirmation Date (Order Payment Date).
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    I have a large order, will it take the same amount of time?
    Our furniture is handcrafted and labour intensive. These pieces are not made in assembly line system and each piece takes its own time and effort. We do not force our karigars to work faster as it may adversely affect the quality of the products. Therefore if your order is of more than Rs.5,00,000 value we suggest you speak with our customer care to check the tentative timelines as it could be more than the standard timelines of 6-8 weeks depending on the production load.
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    I have ordered products with different shipping times together, when will I receive the products?
    All products may have different delivery time. For example products like bulbs are delivered in 7-10 days, whereas sofas in about 6 weeks and beds in 8 weeks. Therefore, if all of these are ordered together, you may either receive products separately as per the delivery time for different products or you may choose to get everything together with the latest delivery time product. For example if you have ordered sofas and beds together you may choose to get the sofa in 6 weeks and beds in 8 weeks or you can choose to receive both sofas and beds in 8 weeks. Please indicate your choice to the customer care before the delivery dates.
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    How much do I have to pay for delivery?
    We provide free delivery throughout India except some regions which are not covered by our logistics partner(s). You can enter the pincode of the area where you want the product to be delivered to see if the locality is covered under our delivery area. We may charge some additional amount to deliver in the ODA (Out of Delivery Area).
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    How can I track my order?
    Your order status is updated to you via emails and SMSs at every step. We update you at every stage of your product' processing. For any details or queries please get in touch with our Customer Care immediately. Give us a call on +91 8824040096, Monday-Saturday (10 AM - 6.30 PM) or drop us an email at care@gulmoharlane.com. An email is sent to you after the order is shipped that contains the tracking number and the service provider. Easiest way to track your order once dispatched is to type the order no. in "Track Your Order" Tab at the bottom of the home page (Below the Fedex Logo). You can also type the tracking number in the tracking section on the website of the service provider (e.g. Fedex). The order status would provide detailed information on your package.


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    My Order Status is showing 'Pending' in Order History, Is anything wrong?
    Your order is sent for production as per the production lineup and the tentative date of delivery. If the Order Status is showing pending, please do not panic. Once the order is sent for production the order will show as 'Processing'. You will also get notifications by email and SMS once your order is getting processed.
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    Can I cancel an order?

    IF NOT SHIPPED- We will offer order cancellation only for Non-Furniture items from our website that are valued at INR 5,000 or less. There will be a Cancellation charge of INR 500 or the Payment Gateway Charges applied (whichever is higher)

    IF SHIPPED- If item has been shipped, the order cannot be cancelled unless the item is damaged or defective. We will offer replacement or refund for any such defective or damaged items within 15 days of the receipt of the product in our warehouse.

    The cancellation policy applies only to items that have not been shipped from our warehouse unless the item is damaged or defective and in such cases a replacement or refund policy will apply.

    WE DO NOT HAVE A ‘Change of Heart’ Cancellation policy

    In cases where the product on arrival is damaged or defective, we can offer a refund or replacement for the item.

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    What if the packaging of the product is damaged upon delivery?
    If upon delivery of the product, you discover that the product packaging has been opened or is damaged, please do not accept the package. You can open the package in front of the courier delivery person and mention the damage if any on the Air way bill and immediately notify our Customer Care team. We will either get it repaired onsite or send a replacement product, depending on your preference and product availability. Please note that theDelivery Personnel are not obliged or authorized to open the furniture or packages. Please note that their duty is to deliver the goods to the customer and they are not directly employed with Gulmohar Lane. You are requested to cooperate with them and not force them to open the crates, packages etc.
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    What is your Repair Policy?

    A Repairs Policy will be applied to clients who have reported damage to their Gulmohar Lane product.

    When a client reports a damage (post using the product) it will be covered under the Repairs Policy; we offer a warranty of 1 year on the products post-delivery and any manufacturing defects that are not evident to man-made damages, will be repaired free of cost. Gulmohar Lane provides One Year Limited Warranty on manufacturing defects. Please keep receipt of your purchase for warranty claims. Here are some terms and conditions for the Limited Product warranty. Goods shipped to and for use in the India warrants to Client that the Goods are free of material Defects in material and workmanship for one Year from delivery if properly stored, handled, assembled, maintained, and used under normal conditions in a non-commercial setting. “Defects” are defined as imperfection in material or wooden frame that will impair the use of the Goods.

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    What if the product is out of warranty and damaged?
    If the product is out of warranty the client will have onus to pay for all the costs including shipping packing material and refurbishment cost

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